I love to speak with students about two of my favorite subjects: science and writing. Your students will learn how an author researches and writes nonfiction books. They will discover that they are all nonfiction writers, and that nonfiction rocks! While writing more than 60 books and over one hundred articles, stories, and poems for magazines and educational publishers, I've researched a myriad of topics. I'm happy to tailor a program to your classroom needs. Or you can choose one of the following programs:

Slithering Snakes! Nonfiction Stories About Animals (K-2)

Students will brainstorm questions they have about garter snakes. After learning about snakes through reading an informational text, students will discuss how the same information can be structured in a story. They will act out a creative nonfiction story about garter snakes.

Is That a Fact? Researching Animal Secrets (3-5)

Using the example of Buffy's award-winning title Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? And Other Questions About Animals, students will brainstorm animal questions. Buffy will share the story of one animal in the book. Different approaches to writing about the same topic will be explored including a creative nonfiction story and poetry.

Put On Your Animal Mask! Writing Poems Through Animal Eyes (4-7; single class per session)

Imagine a praying mantis waiting, statue still, for dinner to arrive! How does the world look through mantis eyes? In this workshop students choose a favorite animal and write a mask poem--a slice of life from that animal's point of view. They learn to "steal" descriptive words from other poems and to write sensory descriptions.

For more information about a presentation, please contact me (buffy AT buffysilverman.com)

Here are some bookmarks to share with your students. Watch a sample of a school program. Read a blog post that I wrote about school visits.

Read what teachers and librarians say about my presentation:

"Everyone was so pleased with the manner in which you were able to engage the students in your presentation yesterday. All the teachers commented on your ability to reinforce the writing process and keep the children involved." -- Kathy Trudell, Bach Elementary School

"The students, teachers and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about nonfiction, research, and garter snakes!" -- Chrissy Postema, Abbot Elementary School

"I was especially pleased to have the kids meet a non-fiction author as they are often asked to write nonfiction pieces in class." -- Julie Odato, Eberwhite Elementary School

"Each presentation was tailored for age appropriateness, including movement for the youngest and humor for the oldest. Her experience managing groups of students was apparent. While the presentations were fun, they were also educational. I would recommend Buffy Silverman for any classroom author presentation for elementary students." -- Kim Rinehart, Manistee Intermediate School District

"Your program was very engaging--teachers told me their kids were talking about it the rest of the day." -- Lori Van Hoesen, Beagle Elementary School

Here's what kids have to say: